Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joeys vs Denmark - Group Match 3

Certain people had taken a day off work to watch the original, called off final group match between Australia and Denmark and were unable to therefore back it up with an all nighter to watch the replay before work the next day.

So with no match report I thought I'd offer something a little different. Below is a selection of tweets which will try to sum up the performance. There really weren't many to choose from in the feed and it would seem that I wasn't the only one suffering from the work predicament.

KevinAirs442 Kevin Airs
Ugly performance by #joeys really, but ultimately sensible one - conserved energy well in heavy conditions after going down to 10 men early.

KevinAirs442 Kevin Airs
@MickLynch_Age Nature vs nurture? Environment did not suit pretty play, remains to be seen if Joeys have been nurtured to play better though

sebth Sebastian Hassett
Congratulations to the Joeys on making it through to the knockout stages. Keep going boys, the country is behind you.

DaviddeCorran Davidde Corran
Getting here was a bloody mission. I'm buggered and I didn't even play a game today! #Joeys

Australia now play Uzbekistan on Thursday, 5.45am AEST.


Anonymous Milene said...

I know it's too late to say this now but well done Joeys! It was a draw but you did help send Denmark home!

2:28 pm  
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