Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Looking Forward

Now I have no problem with the squad being picked for a “farewell game” such as the one picked for the Paraguay friendly but after that where will the line be drawn when it comes to team selection.

With a segment of Australia’s “stars” from the Germany World Cup squad pushing into their 30’s including Viduka, Moore, and Schwartzer, having stated that they will keep playing until either the Asian Cup or next World cup when will someone stand up and say enough is enough.

Now the foundations have been laid we should be concentrating on developing a team that can take us through to South Africa 2010 and beyond. Is it wise to keep picking Mark Viduka for example, who will be pushing 35 come 2010. Should we not be developing the youth and giving them the chances that they not only deserve but NEED to become good enough players to play at the World Cup level.

Is Arnold the man for not only the job of dropping players, but is he tactically inept enough to lead us towards the Asian Cup and beyond. I shudder at the thought…. Someone, most notably the coach or management team that will be taking us to the next World Cup, should be making these decisions and putting their foot down.

Pat the lads on the back for what they did in Germany but also have the balls to say your time has passed. It is now time for the next generation!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Midfield Mystery

Thursday night’s match across the Tasman against the Kiwis would have to go down as one of the most boring in the short history of the A-League. Whose fault was this? The players? The referee? The coach? For once I will not be bagging the refereeing standard in the match and was just left asking more and more questions of Terry Butcher.

Basically Sydney’s midfield was non existent. I can’t really recall very many times that the ball actually went from defender > midfielder > forward. I can however recall plenty of “hoof and hope” that we were all so scared Butcher would bring with him.

By picking a central midfield combination of Milligan and McFlynn Butcher hasn’t done himself any favors in kicking the stereotype. Neither of these players are a true playmaker and neither have the ability to distribute the ball around the park. We have seen Milligan pass it backwards time after time this season but have yet to see him make many, if any, decisive throughballs or exciting passes. Please move back to defense where I believe your talents could be better exploited for the good of the team. McFlynn, last season’s ball wining machine, just doesn’t fit this mould either.

Talay on the other hand showed some signs of brilliance in pre season and surely would have been the one to shoulder the responsibility of ball distribution through midfield, exactly what we lacked.

Butcher has explained the combination as the midfield “battering rams” and has justified picking them together because we need points and not sexy football. I don’t think picking Talay instead of one of these so called battering rams and actually playing the ball through midfield would have hampered our chance for points and in fact probably would have seen Sydney open them up even more.

I can only hope this combination and tactic isn’t his favored one and it doesn’t continue down the weeks. Sydney are back on the winners list for now so please Butcher, in the weeks to come, give us something to watch!

And can someone explain to me why Sydney needed to go on with that time wasting corner garbage for the last 5 minutes? Not only was it a shit spectacle, Sydney were opening them up like a can on sardines and with Petrovski wasted sitting on the bench, should have gone for a killer than persist with that rubbish!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Romario to Adeliade?

Everyone is talking up the prospect of FORMER Brazilian international and FORMER superstar, Romario comeing to Adelaide United on a 4 match guest stint with the prospect of signing him for a full season as their marquee player but I have my doubts.

As the only one in my group of friends who gives a flying toss about Australian football, ever since the start of the new league I have had to listen to these "newbies" whinging how every player they target is old and past it. "Oh not another 30+ player" They go on about. How many other people out there have this same opinion? Arent these people meant to be the ones we are preaching the league to?

Bring on the younger generation of "unknowns." I love seeing the players such as Alessandro, Rodriguez, Zadkovic etc who have shown themselves to be real uncovered gems. Players comeing into or at their peak rather than "another old bloke."

I will however, save my total judgement on the whole Romario situation until I have seen the guy play. Maybe he will prove everyone wrong and show everyone how much he still has it and how good "experienced" players are for the league? But maybe not...


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sydney FC vs Newcastle

I think ill start off with this match while it’s still fresh in my mind. I have a Cove season pass in Bay 26 so was at the game. I’v recently watched it at home for a better view and think I’v made up my mind on what I want to whinge… I mean discuss.

First up the formation that Butcher started with:



Although I don’t think this setup is ideal, it was more forced due to the injury list that the club is facing at the moment. I loved the system used in Wollongong during pre season and I’m sure Butcher will revert back to that 4-2-3-1 formation once we get a few more of our regulars back on deck.

First up id like to see Carbone in place of Corica whenever we can get him in there and PLEASE make it as soon as possible. Although Milligan is being groomed as the next Defensive Mid/Winger, I miss him in defense. I’v heard people say he will be “wasted” playing at right back which is a load of crap! The system that Butcher is trying to play with the attacking Wingbacks makes it one of the most important positions on the park. Screw Arnold if he wants him in midfield for the future of the Socceroos. He is a defender and will benefit the club the most, for now at least, playing at the back.

The 2nd option I would like to see which was crying out to be used after Corica was sent on Sunday is a back 3 of Milligan, Hyphen and Rudan. “No width” you say…. Newcastle are still my tip to get the spoon this season and we have to be playing for more than a single point at HOME to teams like them! I would have liked to see a 3-4-2 after Coricas red with the back 3 mentioned above, Zadkid, McFlynn, Talay and Brockie who was stupidly left off the bench to make way for….Bingly in midfield and finally leaving Zdrillic up front with Brosque just behind in the front 2. I was really disappointed with Butchers negative attitude and slow reaction to the red card. Even in his half time interview for fox he said “all the players are fine.” Well Terry, they certainly didn’t look fine after the break. That’s now 2 weeks in a row where we have looked the goods in the 1st half only to fall badly away in the 2nd.

Zdrillic is normally a player that is bagged unceremoniously but I would like to congratulate him on one of his many good performances from the striker this season. He was the striker of the pair that was moving about and trying to get involved with the play, doing his job of holding up the ball. For the last few matches I have thought that Petrovski has been the poorer of the pair and doesn’t deserve his starting spot.

Their 2nd goal came from another disciplinary slip. Rudan having a go at the reff AGAIN while Newcastle quickly took the free kick and slotted away a goal before he had shut his mouth. Then Corica the tool! Keep your fucking language and feelings to yourself! Of course Breeze was going to send him. You just don’t swear or accuse reffs of cheating let alone both in the same sentence!

Now although Corica is an old, lazy man who can barely last to half time, where was the discipline that the coach has the responsibility of instilling into the player/s? I can also remember Fyfe having a go at the linesman on more than one occasion.

While I’m on the issue of discipline, I have to have my dig at Ceccoli for his spray at Butcher. It was clear to see at the ground and I congratulate Butcher for immediately pulling him off and in the end I have read today that he will be fined by either the club internally or the matter will be taken up with the FFA. The only reason I have Ceccoli in any of my teams is due to a lack of alternatives. I cannot stand his general attitude let alone his crossing ability!

Feel free to comment and have a go at anything I have said. I want to hear others opinions on any of the matters above and more. I’m sure they will differ from myn!


Monday, September 18, 2006


Hey all. You may recognise me and "Dane" from a few football forums around the net. Word on the street is that this blogging thing is the way to go so I thought id better jump on the bandwagon while it was still moving forward.

Im Dane, 18 year old Uni Bum from The Shire and proud of it. I grew up as a rugby league fan like most kids in my area but fell in love with football during the last few years of the NSL. Was a Northern Spirit fan and now have followed across to Sydney FC.

This blog will mostly be on Sydney FC and Aus football in general but I will try to do an overseas wrap every now and then on whatever catches my attention. You dont have to agree with what I write but try to justify your criticisms and views the same way I will try.

Have a good one!